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Created by people who are logical and enjoy the work process.

We believe that failure in the process of solving a problem is a step closer to develop a better solution. Blank learns more from the experience gained through practice. The greatest advantage of Blank is the professional working environment that involves a variety of equitable opportunities based on trials and logic. We do not limit people and their ideas. Instead, we are constantly improving by moving towards a rational direction together.

  • SPIRIT.01

  • We pursue the balance of work and life.

  • Organizations without work-life balance are lack of efficiency and are unable to produce results. Blank tries to work towards this value, so that our people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and be productive at work.
  • SPIRIT.02

  • We aim for self-management that respect each individual's personality and ability.

  • Based on trust and mutual respect, we create a culture where we can collaborate and discuss without any limits.
  • SPIRIT.03

  • Anyone is free to voice out.

  • Every pro has the opportunity to become a leader. All employees are free to provide any ideas or suggestions, to get things started right away.
  • SPIRIT.04

  • We adapt and improvise, in order to fit in with the constantly changing market and challenges.

  • Effective and smooth communications between individuals and organizations to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions. We find new ways to learn from failures, and overcome the challenges.
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How whit
espace works

  • share.

    Sharing knowledge and experience.

  • horizontal.

    Non-hierarchical structure in the corporate culture.

  • pro.

    Be self-responsible.

  • growth.

    Leaders help to guide and improve each individual's growth.

  • failure.

    Learn through failures and accept any challenges.

  • together.

    We are a team and if required, people should provide assistance for each other.

  • tribe.

    Develop professionalism through teamwork.


The name Pro represents confidence in each other's ability and experience.

We are aiming for excellent teamwork, and at the same time,
we share the goal of personal growth.
'blank' is committed to provide a better environment
for professionals to achieve the best possible results.